Modern FNM in Greenfield – 7 pm Fridays

Modern FNM – Greenfield 7 pm

At 7 pm Fridays our Greenfield store will run Modern constructed Friday Night Magic. Not sure if you like Modern? No problem, your standard deck is legal for Modern play! Best of all, any week we get 16+ participants we will give away 1 free staple Modern single to one person who plays all 3 rounds.

Vital Event Stats

$6 entry
3 Rounds
Every match you win, wins you 1 pack
If we get 16+ participants, we will give away a cool Modern-legal Magic card to one lucky participant. This week is our first week of Modern, so we’re giving away a Scalding Tarn! With the recent price changes in Modern, this card is now worth $80+, and could be yours just for playing 3 rounds of Magic – you don’t need to win, you just need to play!

Scalding Tarn

For Modern Constructed, we do 3 Swiss rounds. Cards from Eighth Edition and forward are legal in Modern. Prizes will be booster packs based on match wins, all participants will receive at least 1 promotional foil Magic card, with Top 2-4 receiving this month’s FNM promo or another promo of their choice.подбор слов googleреклама сайта в интернет

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