Casual MTG Commander League

Come Join the Fun at Franklin Location Thursday Nights at 5:30pmcl

Event Summary:
Join us for a points-based, weekly Commander league, where you earn points based on how you play!
Entry: $6 entry
Prizes: Everyone gets a free pack, free random promo, and the chance to win more packs if they get the most points! Winner payout is an extra pack per two players in attendance. etern

For more information about the Commander format, visit

How To earn Points:
Points (*can be earned multiple times)
*-4 Points: Eliminate a player prior to their 5th turn
-2 Points: Instigate wrecking one or more landbases
-1 Point: Take infinite turns
-1 Point: Turn 1 Sol Ring or Mana Crypt
*+1 Point: Eliminate a player
*+1 Point: Prevent another player from being eliminated
+1 Point: Be the first player eliminated
+1 Point: Draw the game
+1 Point: Kill 2 or more planeswalkers
+1 Point: Control 10 or more creatures at once
+1 Point: Survive being attacked for lethal damage 3 or more times
+1 Point: Finish the game without having searched your library for any cards other than basic lands
+1 Points: Kill 3 or more commanders
+1 Point: Be the only player in the game not playing a particular color
+1 Point: Survive the game with 5 or less life
+1 Point: Cast your Commander 4 or more times from your command zone
*+1 Point: Survive getting milled out
*+1 Point: Force an opponent to sacrifice an indestructible permanent
*+1 Point: Cast the last spell of a chain of 3 or more spells of consecutive CMC
*+1 Point: Kill 10 or more creatures simultaneously
*+1 Point: Kill a creature of power 15 or greater
*+1 Point: Eliminate an opponent during another opponent’s turn
*+1 Point: Exile 20 or more cards opponents own simultaneously
*+1 Point: Eliminate 3 or more players simultaneously (can include yourself)
+2 Points: Win the game