MtG: Kaladesh Prerelease

Come Join the Fun 12a Saturday, September 24th through Sunday, September 25thmtgkaladesh

WHEN:  Events scheduled every day-at every location! See below!

WHAT:  A weekend filled with organized play events with the new, never before played with Magic the Gathering cards- for both new and experienced players!

You receive a prerelease pack which contains 90 of the new Kaladesh cards. You also get the Kaladesh prerelease promo card!

Then you build your deck (minimum 40 cards) out of you pre-release pack and get ready to do 4 rounds of battle! (lands provided by store)

Prizes to the top finishers and random drawings and giveaways for everyone. So much fun!

All pre-registration must be completed on our: Paypal Payments Page by Friday, September 23rd at 7pm. At the door (ATD) registration is $5 more-so make sure you pre-register!

Event Schedule by Location:

Menomonee Falls

Saturday, September 24th230px-KLD_set_logo
Midnight – SEALED – $40 / $45 At the door : DOUBLE PRIZE PAYOUTS! Drawings and giveaways, over 200 pack payout typical
NOON – SEALED – $30 / $35 ATD
5 PM –2 Headed Giant  – $30 / $35 ATD per person
Sunday, September 25th
12 PM – SEALED – $30 / $35 ATD


Brookfield is featuring 1k giveaway premium tournament!

Saturday, September 24th
Midnight– PREMIUM-$50: Meal included, 16-person seating limit-$1000 IN PRIZES
5 PM  – SEALED – $30 / $35 ATD

Sunday, September 25th
12 PM – SEALED – $30 / $35 ATD
5 PM – $30 / $35 ATD : 2 Headed Giant


Saturday, September 24th
Midnight – SEALED – $40 / $45 ATD : DOUBLE PRIZE PAYOUTS!
1:30 PM – SEALED – $35 / $40 ATD : BUFFET INCLUDED
6:30 PM – SEALED – $30 / $35 ATD

Sunday, September 25th
12 PM – SEALED – $30 / $35 ATD
5 PM – 2 Headed Giant – $30 / $35 ATD

Featured Tournament

Brookfield Premium $1k Midnight Pre-releaseo7CnEx0

Entry: $50, limited to the first 16 players to register. No at-the-door registration.

3 rounds:
All undefeated players (3-0) will win 1 booster box.
Players with a 2-1 record will receive $16 of store credit.
All other players will receive 2 booster packs
A meal will also be provided for free, drinks are available for purchase.

The prize, food and drawing value for this event is over $1000.  Prizes are subject to change based on attendance.

Giveaways: A meal will also be provided for free, drinks are available for purchase. The atmosphere of this event is geared to players that enjoy a casual atmosphere, but like to feel that they’re “really playing for something.”

All players will receive  1 deckbox and 1 playmat
Additionally, a lucky player will take home a From the Vault: Lore

Because of the need to order food in advance and the limited seating, only those who pre-register for the PREMIUM event will be admitted to the event, no spectators.

Anyone who plays in a pre-release will receive a voucher for a $109.99 Kaladesh booster box on release day.

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