MTG Khans Game Day

MTG Khans Game Day

Saturday – All Game Universe locations

We’re getting creative with Game Day this time. In short, we’ve got draft, followed by a dual constructed event that is free to play if you drafted. That’s a whole day of Magic fun for the cost of one booster draft.

  • Entry: $15
  • Prizes: $20 store credit for 1st place, $15 for 2nd place at each 8-person draft table. Everyone who plays gets a full-art Heir of the Wilds.
  • Championship Prize: Each 1st and 2nd place player at each table will then play in a Championship Tournament using their Standard Constructed decks. Top 8 will receive full-art Game Day Utter End. The winner of this event will take home the coveted Game Day playmat.
  • Didn’t win your draft? A standard constructed event will follow at 3pm, which is FREE if you drafted, or $6 if you didn’t. The winner of this event will receive a Game Day Playmat as well.

See you there!siteконтекстная реклама заказать

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