Magic the Gathering the Gathering is one of the many games we host events for in all our locations. We also buy and sell Magic singles, and keep a considerable stock of Legacy and Extended cards, in addition to Standard staples.

Due to the variety of events, please visit our Facebook pages (GU-Franklin, GU-Brookfield) for specific details on entry fee, format and prize support.

Franklin Brookfield
Monday 6:30p MTG Standard
Tuesday 6p MTG Draft
Wednesday 6:30p MTG Modern 6p MTG Draft
Thursday 6p MTG Modern
Friday 6:30p Standard FNM
7p Modern FNM
7p Legacy FNM (last week of month)
6:30p Standard FNM,
Magic Trading
7p Modern FNM
Saturday 6p-12a Magic Commander
& 60 card casual
12p Commander League