New Events in 2011

We’ve got a host of new events planned for 2011, and there’s something for everyone. Check them out below, as well as their individual calendar listings as we update throughout the first months of the new year!

Monday: Fun Five Magic & Casual Play Night

  • Want to ease into the week? Well, stop by our Greenfield store for a Fun Five Magic tournament and Casual Gaming Night. Play cards with some fun-loving gamers or ask for a demo of one of our hundreds of library games.

Tuesday: Magic Booster Draft

  • Magic booster draft tables from 5:30 p.m. onward in our Greenfield store. $15 entry, all supplies provided courtesy of Game Universe Greenfield.

Wednesday: Extended Magic & 20% Board Game Demo Night

  • You asked for it, and we’re doing it: Extended Magic every Wednesday night at 5:30 p.m. in our Greenfield store. Entry is $10 and if we’re sanctioned the event is winner takes all for a booster box!
  • We’ve also got our 20% off Board Game Demo Night at 6 p.m. in Brookfield. Stop by and learn a new game. If you like it, pick it up for 20% off the retail price!

Thursday: WoW TCG Tournament

  • WoW players unite! Each Thursday we host a demo and tournament for the WoW TCG with prize support and free foils for every event. Check it out!

Friday: FNM

  • Good ol’ Standard Constructed Magic is every Friday at 5:45 in Greenfield and 6 p.m. in Brookfield. $5 entry, store credit and foil prizes, with variable rounds of swiss until we’ve got a champion!

Saturday: Dungeons & Dragons

  • All editions welcome, starting at noon and playing until close, members of the Milwaukee D&D Meetup host a variety of campaigns and one-offs for walk-ins, newbies and old hands alike. Check it out in both Greenfield and Brookfield!

Sunday: Open Board Gaming

  • Swing in and try any one of our hundreds of demo games in both stores. Want to learn a new game before you play? Ask our sales staff to walk you through a demo. We also host The Milwaukee Company of Gamers in both locations on Sundays (and other days) throughout the year!

Want to hold an event in one of our stores? Call us up! Or better yet, stop by and talk to Matt or James about getting your event hosted by Game Universe.

Have a happy new year and we’ll see you at the gaming table!цены на услуги копирайтингазаказать раскрутка сайта поисковая оптимизация

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