Nexus $3k Magic Milwaukee Open series

Join Game Universe as we host the first annual Nexus $3k Magic Milwaukee Open series. We will host a series of qualifying events for the Nexus $3k Invitation Series at Nexus Game Fair, June 25-28. All events in this series will earn a bye for the winner, in addition to other great prizes.

Feb 21, Brookfield, Standard Constructed, $20
March 7, Menomonee Falls, Modern Constructed, $20
April 11, Brookfield, Sealed, $35 – [GPT Charlotte 2015]
April 25, Franklin, Booster Draft, $20
May 16, Menomonee Falls, Standard Constructed $20 – [PPTQ Milwaukee]

Sample Prize structure for Constructed
— 8 Players: $200, 12 players: $300, 16 players: $400, etc.
Sample Prize Structure for Limited
8 Players: $100, 12 players: $150, 16 players: $200, etc.
Prizes will be in store credit, singles or other product as announced at the event.

In addition to other great prizes, each event will carry a 1st round bye at one of the Nexus Game Fair’s three $1k events. These events will be held June 25-28 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel right here in Milwaukee.

Nexus Game Fair is the premier Milwaukee summer gaming experience, hosted and sponsored by local WI and IL stores like Game Universe.

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