Nexus Milwaukee Open Magic Qualifier, Feb 21

Game Universe Brookfield
February 21
Standard Constructed
$20 entry

Join us for our first Magic: the Gathering Standard Constructed qualifier for the Milwaukee Open at Nexus Game Fair. Registration is at 11 am, and the event starts at noon on Feb 21, 2015. We will run Swiss rounds, followed by a top-4 or top 8 single elimination cut depending on attendance.


We will provide a spread of standard-legal Fetch Lands as prizes, with at least 35% of all fetch lands going to 1st place, or an amount of store credit according to the following pattern:

  • The prize pool will be incremented by $100 every 4 players. For exmaple: 8 Players: $200, 12 players: $300, 16 players: $400, etc.
  • In fetch lands, using values as of this writing, this would be: 8 players: 13 fetches, 12 players: 19 fetches, 16 players: 25 fetches.

1st place will receive a bye to the $1k event of their choice at Nexus Game Fair.

Decklists will be required for this event. Please download and fill out a decklist in advance.

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