Nexus Open Draft Qualifier, April 25

Game Universe Franklin
April 25
Booster Draft
$20 entry

Join us for our second Magic: the Gathering Draft qualifier for the Milwaukee Open at Nexus Game Fair. Registration is at 11 am, and the event starts at noon on April 25, 2015. We will run pods of 8-10 players. If we have more than 1 table, the winners of each will playoff in single elimination rounds to determine a winner.


Prizes will be allotted as follows:

Each table 1st place will get $30 in store credit, 2nd place will get $20 in store credit.
Overall winners in the playoffs will get additional store credit based on the number of tables in the Swiss rounds.
1st place: $15 extra per table
2nd place: $10 extra per table
3rd place: $5 per table
So if there were 4 tables of 8 players, 1st place in the playoffs would get $90 in store credit ($30 for winning their table + $60 for there being 4 tables in the event), 2nd place overall would get $70 ($30 for winning their table + $40 for there being 4 tables), and 3rd place overall would get $50.
1st place overall will receive a bye to the $1k event of their choice at Nexus Game Fair.

Our next Nexus Open Qualifier will be May 16 in Menomonee Falls. The format will be draft.

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