M13 Prerelease Event Schedule

On July 7 and 8, Game Universe South and West will hold a series of Magic the Gathering Tournaments to celebrate the Magic 2013 pre-release.

Sat July-7 Greenfield Doors open at 8am

9AM Sealed $30 entry, 4 round flight

1PM Sealed $30 entry, rounds based on participation

3 PM 2HG Sealed- This event will have 20 seats and an entry fee of $40 per team.

7 PM – Sealed $30 entry, 4 round flight

Sunday July 8th Brookfield Doors open at 11

12pm- Sealed $30 entry

Players will receive 6 packs of M13 to build their sealed deck, or 8 packs per team for the 2 Headed Giant.

Everyone who enters will receive a promotional Xathrid Gorgon (while supplies last).

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