Reservations for Magic the Gathering: Throne of Eldraine Booster Box!

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We are happy to introduce Magic the Gathering’s newest set: Throne of Eldraine, releasing on October 4th! Below you will find a link to reserve your booster box for this upcoming set!

This new set is inspired by the romantic Arthurian legend of Camelot on one hand and Grimms’ Fairy Tales on the other. Besides Grimm, the set covers a range of European fairy tales that come from a variety of sources. This is a very new setting and theme for Magic to be headed and we are so excited!

Introduced with Throne of Eldraine, there are going to be three new treatments of card formats that you’ll be able to open in booster packs – Borderless Planeswalkers, Extended-Art Frames, and Showcase Frames. For more information on this new and amazing set, click here!

Reserve Your Booster Box for Magic’s Throne of Eldraine!

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Box price $114.99*! Be sure to pre-order your box today and receive a Collector’s Booster as a Buy-A-Box Promo, as well as the normal Buy-A-Box Promo!


*In store pick-up only

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