Shadespire Tourney – 9/2

When:  Sunday, September 2nd, starting at 11:30am
Registration: begins at 11:00am

Where: Game Universe – Brookfield
What:  Standard Matched play (see additional notes below)
Entry:  $15
Prizes: gift certificates to Game Universe, Shadespire token boxes and various official GW token sets/alternate art Warbands cards.
Additional notes:

-We will use the standard matched play rules from the core rules, meaning that each round you will play the same opponent for up to 3 games. As soon as one player wins 2 games the round is over. We will be playing 3 rounds.

-Each round will be 90 to 120 min, so potentially 30 to 40 min per game (we will most likely play things a little loose on game times to allow people to finish up).

-Each player must use the same Warband and deck build throughout the tournament. All players must submit a desk list (this can be as simple as a picture of all of your cards).

-Players must use the appropriate miniatures represented on their fighter cards. Minor conversions are acceptable but they still must be easily identifiable as the miniatures represented on their fighter cards.

-All Warbands must be fully painted and based.

-All players are required to bring their own warband, decks, dice, tokens and game boards.

-Beta rules for relics will be in place.

-People are free to use any boards and cards that have been released.

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