Shadow War Armageddon

When: Wednesdays at 6pShadow-War-Armageddon
Where: Game Universe – Brookfield
Entry: Free

War rages across the world of Armageddon. Amidst the industrial sprawl of one of the most strategically important worlds of the Imperium, the forces of the Imperium fight an unending battle against bands of bloodthirsty greenskins.
The new game, Shadow War: Armageddon allows you to enter this war zone and lead squads to battle in the war-torn environment.
The incredibly versatile Sector Mechanicus industrial scenery, which can be constructed and combined in a near-infinite number of ways, is perfect for creating unique and interesting battlefields for your games of Shadow War: Armageddon – or any size of game in the 41st Millennium, really.