James Mathe

http://www.purplepawn.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/james_mathe.jpgJames Mathe | CEO & Owner

  • Board Game Designer
  • Dice Master
  • PDF Publishing Expert
  • Owner of Kickin It Games, the RPGHost Network, Minion Games

Late in 2003 James opened a brick and mortar game store called Game Universe. A large store of board games, role-playing games, dice, CCGs, and miniatures. In 2009 James opened our second store location in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and the rest as they say, is history. More recently James started a Board Game company: Minion Games and completed his first full scale board game called “Those Pesky Humans” and 3 other games releasing at Origins 2010.

“I am a programmer (C, PHP, and Unix), designer, analyst, database admin (Oracle, Mysql, etc) and more … but when I can, I try to make my living doing things a bit more interesting than consulting or cubical work.”

Favorite Game: Cyclades

Favorite Dice: Our custom Chessex Dungeoneering dice, for all your adventuring needs!

Favorite Game Store: Game Universe!