Star Wars Armada 2018 Store Championship – 7/14

When:  Saturday, July 14th, starting at Noon
Registration: begins at 11:30am

Where: Game Universe – Franklin
What:  Store Championship
Entry:  $15
-2 double-sided plastic Chimaera / Profundity cards (one with a “1st” foil stamp, one with a “2nd” foil stamp)
-4 sets of acrylic brace defense tokens
-32 alt art Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette cards
Winner gets first round bye at Regional Championship!
Click here for more tournament details and see below for store specific details….

Players are responsible for bringing all of the game components they need to play a game of X-Wing. This includes all ship models, bases, pegs, Pilot cards, ship tokens, Upgrade cards, and tokens. In addition, they must bring a damage deck, sufficient dice for attack and defense rolls, a full set of maneuver templates, and a range ruler. When a squad list is required, players should bring a completed list or arrive at the venue early to fill one out.

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