Star Wars Destiny Line Up of Events

Come join the fun at Game Universe Franklin’s Star Wars: Destiny events!





1. Star Wars Destiny: Constructed, $6/person. Prizes include 2018 Q3 Kit, (includes Way of the Light, Darksaber and acrylic damage tokens) as well as $3/person in store credit, Monday, Nov. 5th at 6pm.

2. Star Wars Destiny: Across The Galaxy release, Thursday, Nov. 8th
(Pre-order box $99.99!)

3. Star Wars Destiny: Across The Galaxy draft, Monday, Nov. 12th at 6pm
$18 entry. 6 packs per person, $3/person in the prize pool.

4. Star Wars Destiny: First quarterly Hyperspace Hoopla Win-A-Box, Saturday, Dec. 15th at Noon. (Standard Format, $10 entry, prizes based on 16 players)

5. Star Wars Destiny: Across The Galaxy double draft, Monday, Jan. 7th at 6pm – $20/person, 6 packs/person, $6/person in the prize pool. (Just a little more to play – double the prize pool!)

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