Theros Game Day, Oct 19 & 20

Are you brave enough to Face the Hydra? Join us for Theros Game Day, at noon, this Saturday at Game Universe Greenfield and Game Universe Menomonee Falls. Also, at noon on Sunday, Game Universe Brookfield will host another Hydra-tastic Theros Game Day. Here are the vital stats.

Format: Standard Constructed
$10 entry
1st place wins a box of Theros + 1 Champion playmat
Top 8 get a full art promo rare

All participants get a full art promo

In addition, this game day will feature the FACE THE HYDRA CHALLENGE!
Can you best the Hydra at it’s own game (It’s game involves eating
you, which I guess means you’d have to… eat… the hydra? Anyway).
This event will feature a special, hydra challenge deck, which will be
available to try or purchase during the event. For more details, go to
or ask your friendly local game store representative for gameпоисковое продвижение сайтов петербург

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