Upcoming HeroClix Events for March at Game Universe Greenfield

Saturday, March 17th 1:00   Infinity Gauntlet month 3
Build your best 300 point team, Golden Age. Feat Cards and Battle Field Conditions allowed. Playing for ‘The Champion’ LE

Thursday, March 22nd 6:00     BFC Mania
Build a 500 point team. Golden Age, feat cards allowed but no Battle Field Conditions. Instead at the start of the round and at every ten minutes a random battle field condition will be drawn. These conditions affect all maps and are stackable. LE for this game TBD

Saturday, March 31st 1:00       Hop, Skip, and Jump
Build a 300 point team. Golden Age, No feats or battle field conditions.
The only requirement for this event is every figure on your team must have the Leap/ Climb power at least once somewhere on their dial.что такое интернет маркетингреклама на тв краснодар

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