Upcoming Heroclix Events

Civil War Month 4

When:  Friday, September 16th at 6pCivil-War-OP
Where:  Game Universe-Franklin
What:  Come and battle using figures from Marvel’s Civil War story line set. Purchase two boosters of Civil War and build your best 300 point team.
Entry:  $27.  Prepayment is strongly encouraged, otherwise it is first come first served on the day of the event. 
1. Every two players in the event there will be an LE from Civil War placed into the prize pool.
2.Grand Prize LE’s that will be awarded to the top eight players.
3.All participants will receive a Civil War map. 
After the Tournament: Any remaining product and LE’s will be available for draft format games (in the event of draft games, cost of boosters for drafting will be $17.00).


Evil Clone Wars

When:  Thursday, September 29th at 6p
Where:  Game Universe-Franklin
What:  Build an 300 point team where every figure on your team is an Evil variation/ version of the the same character. An Evil character is any character thematically a bad guy. You will need to use a minimum of three different Evil versions of a character but may have as many different Evil versions as you can get in the point build, no duplicates. A duplicate is a figure with the same set symbol and set number. Resources, relics, etc. are allowed. 
Entry:  $4 which will be returned in the form of store credit.
Prizes:  An LE from the Sinister Syndicate monthly OP kit, winners choice.

World’s Finest Uncanny X-Menxmen

When:  Sunday, September 25th at 2p
Where:  Game Universe-Brookfield
What:  Come to the inaugural Heroclix event at the Brookfield Game Universe! Buy two boosters from the Worlds Finest and/or Uncanny X-Men (subject to product availability) and build your best 400 point team.
Entry:  $26
Prizes:  All players will receive an LE figure, choices include but are not limited to Professor X, Streaky, the Symbiote.

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