Upcoming Magic Events

Game Universe is proud to be hosting Milwaukee’s only 2011 National Qualifier Tournament. The format will be standard, and the winner will get an invite to play at the 2011 US Nationals tournament near the end of April. See here for more info.

Game Universe, in conjunction with the Milwaukee Summer Revel are also hosting a Midwest Master Series trial held on June 4th at the Tommy Thompson center. See here for more info.

Want to win Free Entry into our National Qualifier Tournament? We are giving out one free entry to the winner of the following events, in addition to our normal prize payout. See that dates on our calender for more info.

March 25th– Big FNM (Greenfield) $5 entry

April 1st– FNM (Brookfield) $5 entry

April 5th– Draft (Greenfield) $15 entry. In the event of multiple draft tables, the winners will compete in a SUDDEN DEATH qualifier using their draft decks, with the winner of those matches receiving the free entry.

April 13th– Extended (Greenfield) $10 entry and winner also gets a BOX

April 17th– Sealed (Brookfield) $30 entry.регистрация сайта в поисковике google

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