Upcoming Warhammer Events- Menomonee Falls

May 26 – Warhammer 40K First Contact: 

Recreate the first meeting of two interstellar races on a distance planet, which inevitably erupted into a firefight!  Bring in your 1500-2000 point army for the ‘First Contact’ Battle Mission.  One army will have to defend the entire board while the other will swarm in from all sides.  A good deal of random unit placement will result in a fast paced and deadly battle.  We’ll set up as many tables of terrain as needed to fit in all players.  Games start at 12:00.
June 2 – Warhammer 40K Small Army Smack-Down:
Are you new to Warhammer or starting to build a new army? Bring in your 500-1000 point army and get in some quick games. (12:00-6:00). Depending on the armies available, we will set up some random battle missions to test out your new force.  If you have never played Warhammer but want to learn what it’s all about we will be running a demo at 1:00 to teach the basics of the game.
June 9 – Warhammer 40K The Blood of Martyrs:

Prepare to storm the battlements!  Bring in your 1000-1500 point army and defend or attack a heavily fortified position.  Players will be divided into attacking and defending teams.  Defenders will face daunting odds but only need to survive to win.  For attackers, only total annihilation of the defenders will suffice.  We’ll set up a table or two of terrain to fit in as many players as show up.  Game starts at 12:00vzlom-pochtyстатистика запросов в яндексе

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