Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a new, exciting way to experience the popular Warhammer Fantasy setting. It is a grim world, constantly at war. As a hero, you will take up weapon, spell, or prayer and do your best to combat the might of enemies terrifying to behold. As the Game Master, you will make the lands of the Old World real as you craft the story, the people, creatures, and the mysteries the other players will encounter during their adventures.

Everything your group needs to begin its adventures in the Old World is included in the Core set. This Core set is an excellent way to bring new players into the fold, as well as to reward experienced roleplaying with new and exciting innovations.

•4 comprehensive rule books provide all the knowledge you will need on the Old World
•Over 30 Custom Dice give you unprecedented options for story-telling
•Party sheets provide new skills and abilities to keep everyone engaged
•30 different careers and 4 different races offer a multitude of character options
•More than 300 cards keep you in the game, no need to look up skills or abilities
•Three character keepers designed to hold everything your hero will need each session

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4 thoughts on “Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set

  1. I played the Games Workshop version from the 80s – any groups forming to play this game? My gaming group fell apart and I would be interested in finding a new mature and interesting group for this game

  2. We moved our open copy to Greenfield.

    But there is a group signup list at the Brookfield store for people wanting to play this game. We’ll get an event setup for January. Stop in or call over there and get your name on the list.

  3. Thanks for hosting the event today. The game looks interesting, would love to see more and actually try a full fledged story at some point.