Warmahordes 75 pt Steamroller – 11/17

Enter the gauntlet and pit your skills against your foes!

When:  Saturday November 17th. Dice roll at 11:00am
Registration: 10:30am
GU – Franklin
Entry:  $15* (includes lunch)
Prizes: Standard steam roller kit, plus as long as there are 8+ people we will vote for: one best sportsperson**

If there are faction dice left we will be selling them at $1 per die or $5 for 6 dice (5 faction + 1 other)

*Pre-registration is available.  Call the store at (414) 427-8800 to prepay and go online to www.conflictchamber.com/?event=523 to register your lists!  Anyone that does both will be entered into a raffle!

1. Deathclock format will be used.
2. !Triad Tournament! Second & Third list are not optional, NO DNC
*** You must bring models for all 3 lists ***
3. SR2018 rules will be used. The event will be capped at 4 rounds.
4. If you have 1 PAINTED AND ARCMARKED list you will be entered into a RAFFLE.

**Sportsmanship prize cannot go to a player that drops from the event.
Sportsmanship is determined by popular vote. **

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