X-Wing 50/50 League

When: Starting 5p, Tuesday, February 21st withUntitled-1 prizes being handed out at 9p on Tuesday, March 28th. This is 6 Tuesdays to play 10 games total!
Where: Game Universe – Brookfield
What: 50/50 X-Wing League. You bring two different 50-point lists, your opponent brings two different 50-point lists, you swap one list each and play with all 100 points that you’re left with!
Entry: $10
Prizes: 100% League Fee Payout!
-All players will receive an Alt-Art Upgrade Card with entry.
For League Winners:
-3 Alt-Art Ketsu Onyo
-Acrylic Tractor Beam Tokens
-Alt- Art Soontir Fel
-Acrylic Bomb Token
-Custom Painted Upsilon-Class Shuttle and a group of 5 Official FFG Acrylic Shield Tokens will be raffled! Raffle tickets will be given based on attendance and “Bonus Games” played.
Above prizes assume 8 players. Additional prizes will be added, possibly including gift cards to Game Universe, if more than 8 players sign up!
Read on for rules…

HOW TO PLAY: Opponents play TEN 100 point games of X-Wing, marking the winner of each game and the Margin of Victory using the standard X-Wing tournament MoV Rules. (There are no “Modified Wins” and there are no time limits).
-Each player constructs two different 50-point lists of one faction, per game, following all normal list construction rules. Both 50-point lists must be from the same faction and lists cannot contain more than 40 points of the same pilots or upgrades. Lists must be 47 points at least.
– Each player will then choose one of the 50-point lists their opponent has constructed. Players must assign one 50-point list as “#1” and their other list as “2” and make clear to their opponent what is in each list they have built. Players secretly write down their choice of their opponent’s list to take/borrow for the game and reveal to each other simultaneously which lists they have chosen.  Players then swap the chosen lists and play a standard game with the 100 points that they have ended up with.
-Lists Must Be Different: Each 50-point list that a player brings to the table as a pairing must have at least 10 points of difference between them. This means that at least 10 points in each list must consist of different pilots or upgrades.

In the following lists, List A and List B would be an illegal pairing as they have 48 points of total overlap, or only a 2 point difference. However, List A or List B could be paired with List C as the Grey Squadron Pilot is different than the Gold Squadron Pilots and creates a sufficient difference. So, A+B = Illegal, but A+C and B+C are Legal.

Lists D + E can be played together, despite sharing the same unique pilot. The differing upgrade cards create a sufficient difference between the two lists to meet the necessary criteria.

List A: Gold Squadron Pilot (18) w/ TLT (6), R2 Astromech (1); Gold Squadron Pilot (18) w/ TLT (6), R2 Astromech (1)

List B: Gold Squadron Pilot (18) w/ TLT (6), R3-A2 Astromech (2); Gold Squadron Pilot (18) w/TLT (6)

List C: Grey Squadron Pilot (20) w/ TLT (6); Gold Squadron Pilot (18) w/ TLT (6)

List D: Miranda Doni (29) w/ TLT (6), Proton Torpedoes (4), Extra Munitions (2), Cluster Missiles (4), C-3P0 (3), Guidance Chips (0)

List E: Miranda Doni (29) w/ TLT (6), Extra Munitions (2), Cluster Mines (4), Thermal Detonator (3), Sabine Wren (2), Advanced SLAM (2)

Maximum Initiative Bid: Each 50-point list can have no more than a 3-point initiative bid, or effectively cannot be less than 47 points.

Unique Pilots: The same unique pilot can appear in both of a player’s lists.

Faction/List Changes: Players can change lists, factions, or list pairings between games. After swapping, a player may have two 50 point lists of different factions. These two 50-point lists, even when constructed of two different factions, function as a normal, single 100-point list.

Opponent Game Limit: Players cannot play the same player more than FOUR total times within their ten regular league games.

Game Reporting: Players must report their game to the front counter in addition to recording it on the sheets provided. Games not recorded in both locations will not be counted.

When Can I Play?: Players are allowed to play games on any day of the week, provided they are played within the store and reported as required.

End Date: Any game not finished and reported before 9p on Tuesday, April, 25th will not be counted toward final scoring.

Raffle: For each Tuesday night for which they are in attendance, players will receive a raffle ticket toward the custom Upsilon Shuttle and potentially other prizes.

“Bonus Games”: Players may play MORE than 10 games, but any games past their first 10 do NOT count for final placement. For each bonus game, players will get an extra raffle ticket. Players MAY play a bonus game against a player that is not playing a bonus game – in this case, the game WILL count for the regular player’s ranking but WILL NOT count for the Bonus Game player’s ranking.

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