Game Universe in Milwaukee

Game Universe is an active member of the gaming community in Milwaukee. We’ve been host to Board Game Meetups, Magic GPTs, Regional Events, “sneak peek” board game events, D&D Encounters, local conventions and many, many more. But don’t take our work for it, have a look around the web and see what our customers are saying about us!


See what our customers are saying about us and let us know how we’re doing!

The Onion’s AV Club Says:

Everybody needs somebody to love, and geeks are no different. But thanks to the once socially awkward love of pop culture, more and more relationships are coming off the computer servers and onto the streets. That’s especially true in college, where access to like-minded members of the opposite sex is at an all-time high. As the new school year begins, The A.V. Club offers a few humble suggestions on how to pass the time with the future mother or father of little Hermione and/or Samwise…

…The competitive date: Game Universe
What is it? Game Universe has a wide selection of board games that go beyond the usual Risk and Monopoly. On Sunday afternoons, it offers demos of new games to anyone who wanders into the store.
Geek appeal: Board games are a great way to get a flirty competitive streak going with your date. The store also has a huge selection of role-playing games, and runs Magic tournaments on a regular basis.
Nerdiest part: Cooperative games are currently a hot property. What better way to—ahem—swap dice with a member of the opposite sex?

Facebook Feedback

“In all honesty, I tried also working with two other stores and got nowhere. GU was the most open to the Society games and you guys worked with Aaron and I with no issues. You have my loyalty. ;)” – Spike
“I love having a close by, well-stocked game store as my weekend destination! GU carries everything from miniatures and paints, to rpg supplements, to board games. Plus – the membership program is EXCELLENT with a flat discount instead of a long and arduous rewards program that requires you to spend tons of money before you earn any savings. Not to mention the staff are universally helpful and pleasant!
Basically, this place is just the best.”  – Shane

“An extensive selection of board games and RPGs, a friendly and knowledgable staff, and tables for playing your favorite games or one of many demos, makes this shop a must visit for tabletop gamers.”  – Scott

Google Places Greenfield

“From days of long ago, longer ago than the days of the Virtual Gaming Center. From uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend. The legend of Game Universe. A mighty business, loved by good, feared by evil. As Game Universe’s business grew, peace settled across the greater metro area. Now with two locations, an inter-store alliance was formed. Together they maintain peace and an environment fit for all your gaming needs. I can’t say enough good things about this store. They care and it shows. Even the new and improved website is fantastic. It’s user friendly and more importantly, much more pleasant to look at.” – Herbie

Google Places Brookfield

“Cool store! I just stopped in on a whim with my boyfriend, and we were invited to sit down and play a game in progress by the staff, and we ended up staying until closing! We’ll be back for sure ;-)” – Wendy