EDH Halloween Event & Magic Weekend!

Commander Spook-A-Thon! 

What: Halloween Commander Event!
When: Saturday, October 26th @ 6pm
Where: GU – Franklin
Entry: $15
Prize: Winner of a pod of 4 gets a From the Vault Transform
Additional Information – Your Commander must be one of the following creature types: 
  • Demon
  • Horror
  • Minion
  • Scarecrow
  • Rat
  • Skeleton
  • Spider
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf
  • Zombie
  • Spirit

Magic Weekend – BRAWL!

What: A Brawl event for Magic Weekend!
When: Saturday, October 26th
Where: Game Universe (both locations)
Entry: $5
Prize: Winner of a pod of 4 will get $20 store credit


Star Wars Legion Demos and Casual Play!

Star Wars Legion Demos and Casual Play!

What: Star Wars Legion Demos and Casual Play
Where: GU – Brookfield
When: Wednesdays at 6pm!

We are gearing up for the release of Star Wars Legion: Clone Wars by having demos available every Wednesday evening, as well as tables available for casual play for anyone who may already know and play the game!

If you would like to reserve a copy of the Star Wars Legion: Clone Wars starter set, or any other Star Wars Legion product, email Jake at gupurchasing@gmail.com

October Board Game Demos

Join us Saturdays at 1p for Board Game Demos in Franklin!

October 5th – Ticket to Ride
The original Ticket to Ride is perfect for an experienced tabletop enthusiast, families, and those new to the hobby. Simple rules and beautiful design make it easy for anyone to play and have fun!

October 12th – Planet
The spark of life is about to jump from your hands to spread out in the world. Deploy your mountain ranges and your deserts, spread out your oceans and your glaciers. Handle wisely your continents to form environments suitable for the apparition of animal life and maybe you’ll manage to create the most densely populated planet!

October 19th – Tiny Epic Mechs
Tiny Epic Mechs is an arena-style player-vs-player action-programming game. It features ITEMeeples with plastic molded power armors and a Mech suit that the ITEMeeples actually go inside of.


October 26th – Tiny Towns
You are the mayor of a tiny town in the forest in which the smaller creatures of the woods have created a civilization hidden away from predators.  Cleverly plan and construct a thriving town, and don’t let it fill up with wasted resources! Whoever builds the most prosperous tiny town wins!

Have something you’d like to learn?  Let us know!

Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave is here!

Beastgrave has AWOKEN! This Saturday, the third season of Warhammer Underworlds begins in earnest with the new Beastgrave Core Set and loads of accessories to get you started.

Pick up your copy THIS Saturday, September 28th!

The Core Set!

This boxed set contains everything you need to play Warhammer Underworlds, with the full rules, two warbands of push fit miniatures, tokens, dice and loads of cards! On its own, it’ll provide night after night of awesome clashes for you and a friend, but combined with the vast range of Warhammer Underworlds expansions, it’s your gateway to a game that will offer years of entertainment.

Extra Warband Accessories!

Gaming Essentials You Will Want!

Build Your Battlefield!

Beastgrave is a fascinating setting, even by the standards of the Mortal Realms, and the Primal Lair set lets you bring it to life in glorious 3D! Containing a selection of plastic scenery pieces, this set is great for marking blocked hexes, or even constructing larger battlefields for Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Pick up your copy THIS Saturday, September 28th!

HeroClix Line-Up of Events!

600 Point Golden Age (X-Men Release Day OP)

When: Tuesday, October 1st @ 6pm
Where: GU – Franklin
 Build your best 600 Point Golden Age team! (50 Minute Matches)
Entry: $5
Prize: X-Men Release Day OP

300 Point Gravity Feed Sealed

When: Tuesday, October 8th @ 6pm
Where: GU – Franklin
 Build your best 300 Point team using 10 Gravity Feed Boosters (provided by the store)!
Entry: $25 to cover 10 gravity feed boosters and prizing!

600 Point Golden Age MODULAR MATCH

When: Tuesday, October 15th @ 6pm
Where: GU – Franklin
 Build a 600 point team that can easily be turned into a 100 point, 200 point, 300 point, 400 point, 500 point, or 600 point team through adding or subtracting a core roster of figures. At the beginning of each match, the judge will role a single D6; the build for each match will be determined by multiplying the D6 result by 100. For example – If the judge rolls a 3, modify your team to be 300 points. If the Judge rolls a 1, modify your team to be 100 points.
Entry: $5

Standard Modern Age Constructed

When: Tuesday, October 22nd @ 6pm
Where: GU – Franklin
What: Bring your favorite super-heroes together in a 300 point force using Modern Age rules and come compete for great prizes!
Entry: $5

New Games To Watch For!

Obscurio – Available Now!

The Grimoire guides their team towards the exit using images, upon which they point at certain details. Working together, the other players have to find the exit as quickly as possible while avoiding picking the wrong cards. However, a member of the team is a traitor looking to lead the other players astray. A wide variety of traps are on your way to the exit of the library, making player communication harder!

Obscurio is a family game, an original mix between an image-based communication game and a secret role game in which the players have to be careful when sharing ideas with their team. Supported by rich contents, Obscurio proposes a fresh new experience in its genre by putting the emphasis on the details of the images and the constant doubt created by the presence of the traitor.

Our team had a chance to get hands on with this game and it is great! It’s from the creators of Mysterium and we have a demo copy at our Brookfield location that you can come check out!

Ecos: First Continent – Available October 25th!

What if the formation of Earth had gone differently?

In Ecos: First Continent, players are forces of nature molding the planet, but with competing visions of its grandeur. You have the chance to create a part of the world, similar but different to the one we know. Which landscapes, habitats, and species thrive will be up to you.

We were able to snag an early copy of Ecos and in early October we will have a demo version of this game for you to check out! The gameplay in Ecos is simultaneous, which is great to keep every player engaged. Each round, one player reveals element tokens from the element bag, giving all players the opportunity to complete a card from their tableau and shape the continent to their own purpose.

Eternal: Chronicals of the Throne – Available Now!

From the makers of the award-winning Clank! A Deck-Building AdventureEternal: Chronicles of the Throne combines deck-building games and strategy card battlers into an intense strategic experience. Summon powerful allies to attack your opponents, or build an unbreakable defense. Will you exhibit patience and seek the power of the Eternal Throne, or forgo such a risky path? The decisions are yours in Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne!


This is a fun, fast-paced deck-builder that introduces new ideas and mechanics, and one we suggest!