Judgement 5v5 Pick and Ban Tournament – JNAC Pts Qualifer!

Please join us for the next Judgement event at Games Universe Brookfield!

What: Judgement 5v5 Pick and Ban Tournament
Saturday, February 8th at Noon
Where: GU – Brookfield
This event will be a 5v5 Pick and Ban format that will be played across the Cobblestone and Scorched Earth mats. I have enough to cover 3 tables of each type but it would be appreciated if players could bring their 5v5 mats so that we can make sure to have enough of each. No proxies will be allowed for this event even for heroes that have a 1.0 car that are not released yet. As a note there will be no lunch break since there is a late start time. Also, painting is NOT required but it is the first tiebreaker as per the JNAC qualifier rules.

Prizes will be 1st, 2nd, random participation, and a painted raffle for having 3+ models painted. There could be more for placements depending on turn out.

This event will follow the standard Judgement tournament pack that can be found here:

This event will also be applied to be a JNAC Points qualifier so the additional rules for that can be found here:

Tabletop.to will be used for the event. You can register early here:

Update: This has been confirmed to be a JNAC points qualifier.

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