Lightseekers TCG

Come join the fun!

Franklin: 6pm to 8:00pm on Tuesdays*.

The Lightseekers trading card game is a standalone physical game that includes 385+ lovingly crafted printed cards, each scannable by the Lightseekers app to unlock in-game effects such as new spells, boosts or even pets that will fight alongside you! Each card is embedded with a one time in-game bonus.

Each player in the trading card game takes control of a hero who uses an arsenal of cards featuring spells, creatures, items, and locations to defeat their opponents. The heroes of the game use a specific branch or subset of magical energy, which is referred to as an Order.

    • A jack-of-all-trades Order with strong combo defenses and sustained protection.
    • Has ways to play cheaper and more powerful combos, and is also good at dealing with buff threats.
    • Overwhelms the target with ‘damage over time‘ effects while suppressing their ability to fight back.
  • TECH
    • Packs a bigger punch than most other orders, but also puts you in the greater danger.
    • Gains most power when it carefully tends to its buffs and draws strength from the state of its opponent.
    • What is at the top of your discard pile and what is coming next from the deck is of great importance.

New players, click here for a PDF of the Rules.

*Due to the variety of events, please visit our Facebook pages (GU-Franklin, GU-Brookfield) for specific details on entry fee, format and prize support.