Star Wars Destiny: Convergence

From the Jedi of the Old Republic to the troopers of the First Order to the scoundrels and scum banding together to survive the tyrannical rule of the Galactic Empire, the galaxy pulls together heroes and villains of a similar creed and philosophy. Whether by choice or by force, these groups can impact the future of the galaxy itself, and when these characters meet in a convergence of power, who will come out on top?
As the start of a new block of sets, Convergence introduces plenty of new themes, and even a new card type, into Star Wars: Destiny! Look for a focus on character subtypes like Jeditrooper, and leader, as well as an emphasis on new plots and powerful downgrades to hinder your foes!
Look for this set to release in the first quarter of 2019!
SPECIAL PREORDER GRAVITY FEED PRICE OF $99.99 +tax.  Don’t have the money upfront?  Reserve yours for $.01!

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