Warmachine & Hordes

Come join the fun 6pm to close Tuesdays and Thursdays at Brookfield*!

The Iron Kingdoms is a fantastic realm where the combined power of magic and technology thunders across a landscape shaped by war.

WARMACHINE and HORDES are dynamic tabletop miniatures games for two or more players set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms.

Two different sides of the same coin, both factions use the same rules and can be played independently or against each other. Their difference lies in the range of factions available in each game, and the manner in which each side wages war.

WARMACHINE triumphs through tactical resource management and control in marshaling your leader’s advanced magic, technology, and mighty mechanical constructs.

HORDES, on the other hand, dares you to provoke the future of feral beasts, risking predictable strategy for the prospect of powerful rewards that can propel your leader’s legions to victory.

The coming battle cannot be avoided, but the path to war is yours to decide!

New players, click here to read the core WARMACHINE rules for FREE!
New players, click here to read the core HORDES rules for FREE!

*Due to the variety of events, please visit our Facebook pages (GU-Franklin, GU-Brookfield) for specific details on entry fee, format and prize support.

Company of Iron

Company of Iron is an exciting new way to wage war in the world of WARMACHINE and HORDES. You’ll command a small squad of dedicated warriors and elite champions in a game of fast and furious battlefield action. Increase the combat prowess of your commander with unique upgrade cards and take advantage of powerful battle plan cards for greater tactical options. Small squad size and alternating activations keep skirmishes quick and compelling!

New players, click here to read the core COMPANY OR IRON rules for FREE!