We buy Magic cards, L5R, D&D Books

We hold walk-in hours to buy your Magic the Gathering cards, out-of-print Dungeons and Dragons books and accessories, and Legend of the Five Rings cards every week!

Always Buying

We’re always looking for bulk CCG cards at competitive rates. Some of our common rates for MTG are:

  • 1000 unsorted bulk cards (commons & uncommons) $3 / 1000
  • 1000 basic land (sorted by type) $5 / 1000
  • Bulk standard rare $.10 each
  • Bulk non-standard rares $.05 each
  • Rares worth $1+ 40-50% of card’s retail value in cash, 60% in store credit, or 80% if you trade your cards for cards in our display cases.

Walk-In MTG Buying Hours

We have walk-in hours every week!

  • Monday, noon – 3 pm, Game Universe Brookfield
  • Wednesday, noon – 6 pm Game Universe Greenfield
  • Last Tuesday of each month, noon – 6 pm Game Universe Menomonee

We also buy cards by appointment. Email Matt@Game-Universe.com to set one up!сайтсео бюджет

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