Regularly Scheduled Events by Store


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  • Mondays:
    • 5p: Open Board Game Night
    • 6p: Star Wars Destiny
    • 6p:  Tanks Open Play
  • Tuesdays:
    • 2:30p to 9p:  Flames Of War 4th Edition
    • 4:30p to 9p:  Warhammer 40K Kill Team
    • 4:30p to 9p:  Infinity Casual and League
    • 6p: MtG Draft
  • Wednesdays:
    • 2:30p to 9p:  Frostgrave Casual and League
    • 6p: D&D Adventures Casual
  • Thursdays:
    • 6p:  Konflikt 47′ Casual and League
    • 6p to 10:30p: Miniature Night featuring Warmahordes and Bolt Action
  • Fridays:
    • 6p: Standard FNM
      7p: Modern FNM
      Magic Trading
  • Saturdays:
    • 12p:  Dicemasters League
    • 6p:  Magic Commander
  • Sundays:
    • 11a: Pathfinder
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  • Mondays:
    • 6p: Force of Will Casual Play
    • 6p to 9p:  Star Wars Armada Casual and League
  • Tuesdays:
    • 6p to 10p: X-Wing Casual and League
  • Wednesdays:
    • 6p: Mid Week Draftin’, D&D Encounters Casual
  • Thursdays:  
    • 5p: Open Board Game Night
  • Fridays:
    • 6p: Standard FNM, Magic Trading
  • Saturdays:
    • 12p: EDH League
  • Sundays:
    • Star Wars Destiny
    • 1p to 6p:  Historical Miniatures Casual Play

New Dice Masters League!

Every Saturday at 12p is Dice Masters League at our Franklin Location!Wizkids-DM
First 2 times you attend: get a participation card, third time attended get a Premium promo card of your choice! Buy just 2 boosters Dice Masters to enter!
We carry all the latest product and promotion kits for rare cards!
Come join the fun!

Star Wars Destiny 5/21

When:  Sunday, May 21st at Noonswd04_cardfan1
Where:  Game Universe – Brookfield
What:  Use the Force in our Swiss Tournament!
Entry:  $6
Prizes:  Top 3 get store credit. We’ll also be giving out product from the release kit.

Heroclix Avengers/Defenders Sealed Booster Event 5/20

When:  Saturday, May 20th at 3pheroclix avengers defenders
Where:  Game Universe – Franklin
Entry:  $30
What:  Come play the in the Avengers/ Defenders War sealed event and play with the new set. Players will buy two boxes of Avengers/ Defenders War and build their best 400 point team.
Prizes:  Participation prizes for everyone and there will be prizes from the A/D War release day prize kit.  No one goes home empty handed!

Aether Revolt Bundle Battle 5/27

When: Saturday, May 27th firing on 636088161151034563demand
Where: Game Universe – Franklin
Entry: $30
What:  Receive an Aether Revolt bundle and create a 40 card sealed deck with the cards. Winner gets a bundle of anything they want in stock. 2 Rounds 4 person pods.

Amonkhet Game Day 5/20-5/21

When: Saturday, May 20th at Noon in FranklingI2p1IAKNa
Sunday, May 21st at Noon in Brookfield
Entry: $6
What: Bring your Standard deck and play in our Swiss-style tournament!
Prizing: Each participant receives a True Heart Duelist promo.
Top 8 get a Glory Bringer promo.
First place gets the Game Day Playmat. This limited-edition playmat is only awarded to the winner, so be sure to bring your A-game!
There will also be additional prizes based on turnout.

While mainly focused on providing a fun, relaxed environment in which to enjoy Magic, Game Day events are many players’ first experiences with competitive Magic. They offer a great opportunity to
become familiar with some of the rules associated with the more competitive levels of play. Here are some important things to keep in mind:
Players should bring their own Standard deck, which is a minimum of 60 cards and has a sideboard of up to 15 cards.
Players should remember to bring their own method for tracking life totals, as well as tokens, card sleeves, and counters.