Dungeon Master’s Guide Early Release – Nov 29

This Black Friday is very special – and no, it’s not because of our 40% off table – it’s because the long-awaited D&D 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide releases Friday, Nov 29 at all Game Universe locations.

For those who haven’t followed the scuttlebutt on this one, the 5E DMG is a little different. Sure, it “provides the inspiration and the guidance you need to spark your imagination and create worlds of adventure,” but more importantly this book is being viewed by a lot of players as a kind of “D&D Source Code” release. Here, Wizard’s design team doesn’t just tell you how to run their game, they show you how to create balanced home-brew spells, magic items, monsters and more. For the ultimate role-playing tinkerer, comes the ultimate tinker’s handbook – the 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Releases at all Game Universe locations on Friday, November 29. $49.99


Don’t forget – 5E D&D Encounters

Wednesdays at 6 pm is D&D Encounters – play with the best local DMs at the best local game store in Milwaukee. We also have a special, Franklin-only session of Encounters every Sunday at 3 pm.

Want to DM? We’re looking for a new Dungeon Masters at our Franklin store to run a game for 4-6 players. We reward our DMs with our DM Fee Program, where each game you run earns you store credit to buy supplements, dice,manuals and whatever else you need to run an awesome game.


Black Friday Magic, Nov 28

We are pleased to offer our traditional Black Friday Magic tournament series at all 3 Game Universe locations from noon to 9 pm, Friday, Nov 28.http://albanyxtremesportspark.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/blackfriday.jpg


Black Friday Magic is a series of 3 events. This year, the events will be as follows:
Noon – Draft – 6-8 person draft tables, 3 round max – $20
3pm – Commander – 3-4 person pods, 1 round, 2 hour time limit – $8
6pm – Standard FNM – Swiss rounds as normal FNM – $6
COST FOR ALL 3 = $30

You can play in any 1 event for the price listed next to it. Or, you can play in the entire series for the price listed for all 3. Note that Commander is only one round, but the victor at each pod will get match points toward overall winner.

We will break for dinner at 5 pm. Outside food and drink from our neighbors will be welcome at this event.


Each event will have it’s own individual prize, as follows
Draft: 1 pack for every player at your table, split among the top finishers at that table.
Commander: 1 pack for playing, plus 1 pack for the last-person-standing in each pod.
Standard: Normal for each store.

Overall Winner: There will also be an overall winner from all 3 events. The overall winner will be the person with the most match points at the end of the day. Overall first place will win a From the Vault of their choice.

Tie Breaker: In the event of a tied match point total for Overall Winner, the player with the best average tie breakers across all events will be the winner.


New Releases – D&D Attack Wing

Engage in daring dragon-to-dragon aerial combat with the Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game! Utilizing the FlightPath Maneuver System, command your armies in combat & customize your fantasy miniatures with Riders, Spells, and Magical Upgrades. The Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set comes complete with three pre-painted dragons, maneuver dials, and numerous upgrade cards and tokens.

Introducing air-to-ground (or surface to air, if you prefer) combat between flying dragons and ground units, this new game not only features minis you can use with your D&D game, but also is a great addition for those who love quick and easy skirmish miniatures games. Ask our staff about it or join us Wednesday in Franklin for demos with Jon!

Commander 2014 Release Championship Series

Game Universe is proud to host the 2014 Commander Release Championship series for Milwaukee. There are 3 events in this series, one at each of our three locations, over three days.


Event Structure

Entry $40
The Commander Deck you play with will be randomly assigned by drawing 1 Zendikar basic land from a deck (you keep the land you pull). Your deck will match the color of the land you draw.
Format: 3-4 person pods
– Last man standing in each pod after Round 1 gets 1 Conspiracy Booster Pack
– Last Man standing in each Pod after Round 2 gets 1 out of print Commander Deck.
– If there enough players for Round 3 and up, you will be playing for points toward Overall Champion.
Overall Champion: The player with the most match points from all 3 Commander events will win 1 2012 Japanese Commander deck. The runner up will receive 1 of each Zendikar basic land, including all art. Second runner up will get a set of MTG mana symbol pins. 3rd runner up will get a Game Universe Playmat. All champion prizes will be picked up at the Franklin store. Overall Champion and runners up will be announced publicly on our website and social media sites.

Number of players needed for each additional round
1 Round: 3-9 players
2 rounds: 10-16 players
3 rounds: 17-24 players


Friday – 6 pm, Game Universe Franklin
Saturday – Noon, Game Universe Brookfield
Sunday – Noon, Game Universe Menomonee Falls

What if I pre-ordered a case?

If you pre-ordered a case, you can buy in to this event for $10 and use your own deck. However, you must still play a random deck determined by your Zendikar basic land draw.


Rummikub National Championship Qualifier

MilCog and Game Universe are proud to host the Rummikub National Championship qualifier series for Milwaukee!

There will be 2 events in this series, one on November 9 at Game Universe Menomonee Falls and a 2nd event on November 15 at Game Universe Franklin. The winner of each will receive 1 of only 24 seats at the National Championship.

Entry is $5, or free if you buy a copy of Rummikub from Game Universe. The winner of the event receives 1 seat at the 2014 Rummikub National Championship at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair on November 22 at 2:30pm.

The winner of the National Championship receives a round trip flight for 2 and a $1,000 USD in travel expenses to the Rummikub World Championship in Germany in 2015. The world champion wins The Rummikub World Cup and a pair of round-the-world airline tickets.

Tournament Rules


Rummikub Tournaments abide by standard Rummikub rules, with the following additions:


• At the start of the game each player takes 14 tiles from the pool (2 face down stacks of 7 tiles).

• Players have a time limit of 1 minute per turn. If, during this time period a player has failed to make a successful play, all tiles remaining on the table (not as sets) must be returned to the player’s rack, in addition to 3 penalty tiles from the pool.

• A set on the table that includes a joker may not be manipulated while it contains the joker. It can be added to, but cannot be split apart, unless the joker is replaced

• The tournament will be played in three rounds of four games each. The player that wins the most  games is the winner of the round. In the event of more than one person with the same number of wins, the person with the most points will be deemed the winner.

More information

Link for information: http://chitagfair.com Direct link: http://www.chitagfair.com/featured-events/rummikub-national-championship
Social Media Callouts (for promotional posts and event photo with tags): Chicago Toy & Game Fair https://www.facebook.com/ChicagoToyAndGameFair Pressman Toy https://www.facebook.com/PressmanToy

Halloween EDH FNM

Halloween EDH FNM

Game Universe Franklin, Friday, Oct 31, 6 pm

To celebrate the ghoulishly good times at Game Universe, our Franklin store is running a Halloween Commander tournament.

Prizes based on turnout
Prizes: Trick or treat bag for everyone with one random card (Artifact land, Zendikar basic, and so on), candy, and a promo card.

  • 4 – 7: Any fetch
  • 8 – 11: Any 2 Fetches
  • 12 – 15: Any 3 Fetches including 1 delta
  • 16 – 19:Any 4 Fetches including 1 delta
  • 20 + : + 1 Fetch for every 4 players after this

Essentially every 4 people adds a fetch land to the pot.