Halloween EDH FNM

Halloween EDH FNM

Game Universe Franklin, Friday, Oct 31, 6 pm

To celebrate the ghoulishly good times at Game Universe, our Franklin store is running a Halloween Commander tournament.

  • $6 entry
  • Pauper style
  • 99 commons (must have been a common at some point in its printing)
  • 1 Halloween themed commander from this list
  • http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?action=advanced&type=+[%22Legendary%22]&subtype=|[%22Zombie%22]|[%22Vampire%22]
  • Swiss structure, with a cut to Top 4 which will play a 4-man duel.
Prizes based on turnout
Prizes: Trick or treat bag for everyone with one random card (Artifact land, Zendikar basic, and so on), candy, and a promo card.

  • 4 – 7: Any fetch
  • 8 – 11: Any 2 Fetches
  • 12 – 15: Any 3 Fetches including 1 delta
  • 16 – 19:Any 4 Fetches including 1 delta
  • 20 + : + 1 Fetch for every 4 players after this

Essentially every 4 people adds a fetch land to the pot.

MTG Khans Game Day

MTG Khans Game Day

Saturday – All Game Universe locations

We’re getting creative with Game Day this time. In short, we’ve got draft, followed by a dual constructed event that is free to play if you drafted. That’s a whole day of Magic fun for the cost of one booster draft.

  • Entry: $15
  • Prizes: $20 store credit for 1st place, $15 for 2nd place at each 8-person draft table. Everyone who plays gets a full-art Heir of the Wilds.
  • Championship Prize: Each 1st and 2nd place player at each table will then play in a Championship Tournament using their Standard Constructed decks. Top 8 will receive full-art Game Day Utter End. The winner of this event will take home the coveted Game Day playmat.
  • Didn’t win your draft? A standard constructed event will follow at 3pm, which is FREE if you drafted, or $6 if you didn’t. The winner of this event will receive a Game Day Playmat as well.

See you there!

Free Foam Die to every Role-Player

Free Foam Die to every Role-Player

All locations, while supplies last


Love D&D? Love foam? Well for a short time you can get 1 free foam die every week that you play in D&D Encounters or any other role-playing event that includes a $2 GM fee. It’s just our way of saying thank you to the tremendous RPG player base that has supported us during the first season of 5th Edition D&D Encounters, Pathfinder Society, Edge of the Empire and all our RPG groups!

D&D Encounters is held every Wednesday at 6 pm at all locations, and at 3 pm Sunday at our Franklin store. Shadowrun and Edge of the Empire are held at 6 pm Thursdays in our Franklin location weekly. Pathfinder society meets at noon on Sundays at our Franklin and Menomonee Falls locations.

All Day Khans Draft

Today, Franklin location, noon to close

Join us today and every Tuesday this month for all day drafts starting at noon and running until 5:30 at our Franklin location. Cost is $15 and covers packs, prize support and all the awesome you can draft!

Don’t forget about Drink’n and Draft’n at 5:30 pm every Tuesday in Franklin.

Extra Life Charity Event – 24 Hours of Games

Noon-Noon, Oct 4 & 5, Franklin Location

We’re doing 24 hours of gaming! For the kids!

Extra Life is a non-profit raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network, which includes our own Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Game Universe Franklin is proud to be staying open for 24 hours on Oct 4 and 5 to support the efforts of local gamers to raise money to support this great event. You can donate money online directly to support our local coordinators, or in store at the register, or by buying an Extra Life Marked sale item at our Franklin location. All profits from the sale table will go to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

We are looking for people to host games! Interested in running a game, but don’t want to stay 24 hours? No problems – just let us know what you’ll be running and when by emailing matt@game-universe.com. All tabletop games and gamers welcome!

Extra Life Charity Event – October 4 & 5, 12 pm-12pm

Extra Life is a non-profit raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network, and Game Universe in Franklin has volunteered to host the event.
This event will be broadcasting online for people to see. There will be a designated table to play at for the broadcast.
Because Game Universe is staying open for 24 hours, they ask that participants either donate $24 to Extra Life which may be done online (http://www.extra-life.org/participant/GameUniverse) or by donating at the store during the event. Alternatively, you may purchase a board game off the Extra Life table at the store. All profits from board games purchased from this table and all donations will benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

If you have anything specific you’d like to play, let Darlene know the game, what time you plan on starting, how long the game will run and if you would like to have your game broadcasted online. You can email Darlene directly at dwilson431@gmail.com. Make the subject Extra Life.  She’ll create a schedule accordingly.

For more details about Extra Life:

Khans of Tarkir Release Week Events


Thursday, Sept 25 – 6 pm “Last Drafts”
Final Magic 2015, Conspiracy and Ravnica Block drafts, starting at 6 pm and running until midnight. $15 each. Pre-order your booster box during the event, pick it up at 12:01.

Friday, Sept 26 – Midnight Release FRANKLIN ONLY
Pick up your pre-ordered Khans of Tarkir Booster Box for $99.99 at 12:01 Friday morning at our Franklin store. You can still preorder online until Wednesday.

Friday, Sept 26 Event Schedule

– ALL DAY $99.99 Khans Booster Box Sale, all locations

– 2 pm Buy-A-Box, Win-A-Box – $125 entry, go 4-0 and win a second box of Khans, Franklin

– 6 pm Standard constructed FNM $6, All locations

– 7 pm Modern constructed FNM $6, Franklin

– 8 pm Khans Draft, All locations

Saturday, Sept 27 – Modern Constructed, Franklin
$6 Entry
Play Modern Constructed for store credit! Top 3 win a split of all the entry fees as a gift cards.

Saturday, Sept 27 – Khans Fat Pack Fight, All Locations
$45 Entry
Get 1 Fat Pack, open it, build a deck from the contents and battle for victory! If you go 4-0 during the event, you win a second Fat Pack of your choice.

Tuesday, Sept 30 – All Day Drafting, Franklin
12 pm start
$15 per draft
8-person draft flights starting all day as we celebrate the release of Khans!
At 5:30 our final draft will be “Drink’n and Draft’n” at Gus’s as usual. $20 entry, runs until 9 pm.

Wednesday, Oct 1 – All Day Drafting, Menomonee Falls
12 pm start
$15 per draft
8-person draft flights starting all day as we celebrate the release of Khans!

Thursday, Oct 2 – All Day Drafting, Brookfield
12 pm start
$15 per draft
8-person draft flights starting all day as we celebrate the release of Khans!